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What to wear to a College Festival?

Adulating could be really boring. That's why the life between growing up to becoming a teenager and starting your career in the corporate world, will always be cherished. Be it bunking college or being a part of the committee or even organizing new events; those memories will live with you forever.

Yes, it is that age when your personality is rebellious yet helpful at the same time. And it also intends to be fashionable! Isn't that the second reason why you love college? First, obviously being the freedom after we complete school and get away with those monotonous uniforms.

But though we are off those days, thanks to the internet and Instagrammers who flaunt their fashion guides, there is a plethora of changes happening in the fashion world. Having said that, most people are still stuck in their routine repetitive style.

Now imagine wearing the same pair of jeans and a t-shirt for College Fest where you meet new people. Why would you want to not make an impression with your styling? After all, it is the luckiest time where you are permitted to stay out longer than your deadline, enjoy an evening filled with dance, music and fashion shows. Wouldn't that be a great time to leave your new and old friends to notice you because of your fashion sense? While occasions like these will come and go frequently, make the most of it and leave a lasting impression.

Fret not if you are struggling with still figuring out your style mantra. Here are a few things that will help you set the tone right while you dance, socialise or prep for the last night of the fest:

  • Rollup and Dance!
  • Wear a half sleeve shirt. Go either plain or flaunt the print! But we suggest you opt for white, yellow, pastel colours or the darker shades.

Yellow Casual t-shirt for Men

  • Pair it with a cool trouser. Go for a shirt with a shade darker and pair it with Ocher or Khaki shade trouser. If you are opting for a lighter shade, match it up with a pant of a darker shade! (Here is a wardrobe secret for you; Khaki is a universal match-maker)

  • Accessorize it right! Sneakers, Caps and Wrist Bands will add all the extra spark that you need for your attire. Make sure you carry a messenger bag to keep your identity cards, deodorants, eatables and more.

Maroon Full Sleeves T-shirt for Men

For those chilling evening, grab these warm stylish wears.

  • Hoodie, Thumbhole tee or full-sleeve tee is the right option, paired with jeans of a darker shade. Say a black or dark blue, will surely bring the heat to the mob.

  • Try Neon Bands to give you a perfect vibe for the evening. But don’t forget to complete your match with sneakers and a black belt.

  • The Owned Style!

Basics will never be out of fashion. Just feel confident, make that statement and rock the show!

  • The Basic Tee!
    Tip: To avoid the feeling of mundane styling just tally it with a cool leather jacket or shirt.
  • Pair it up with sleek denim - the choices are plenty out there.
  • Get away with the black or white and colour up your toes with coloured sneakers.

So now that you have the fashion hacks in place, go kill it at your college festival!

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